Wedding Quotes in Hindi 2019

  • Two amazing people are together today,
    With this awesome thread of love,
    Wish you a happy married life ahead,
  • May today be the beginning of lifetime of happiness,
    May today be the new day of your life,
    You guys make a perfect couple,
    Stay in love and in bliss,
  • May you two stay blessed forever,
    On this holy day of love,
    May you stay in bliss forever,
    Congrats on your wedding!
  • Congrats on your special day,
    Today is a new day,
    A new beginning of your love,
    Always stay this way and blessed,
    Congrats again!
  • Congrats to this wonderful journey,
    A new life to see,
    Where you will see only happiness,
    Congrats on your new beginning,
    Stay blessed!
  • So happy on your super day,
    May you see everything nice today,
    As on your special day,
    Let me wish you all the luck and happiness for everyday,
    And years to come,
  • Wedding is a tie of eternal bond of love,
    It is the union of two blessed souls,
    So happy on this day for you,
    Stay blessed and congrats!
  • Wedding is bliss,
    Sealed with a kiss,
    From Miss to Mrs,
    Congrats on your wedding dear,
    Spread this love and cheer!
  • Congrats on your wedding,
    I wish and pray that both of you stay blessed and happy in this,
    Holy matrimony of love,
    Cheers to both!
  • Wish you both a blissful life,
    To the most lovely hubby and wife,
    Wish your love adds on with time,
    Like the sweet ring of the chime,
    All the best for a great future,
  • Wishing you both a great life ahead,
    That is filled with love, care and respect,
    It’s the start of a wonderful journey so new,
    Wishing both of you,
    The wedding bliss,
    Congrats on your wedding day!
  • I do has a lot of significance in life,
    It means that you love each other,
    It means that you care for each other,
    It means that you trust each other,
    Wishing you a great life ahead
    Congrats on this special day!
  • Remember this day in time,
    Because it will give you life time of memories,
    Remember this day with joy,
    With feeling all blushed and coy,
    It’s the start of a wonderful journey ahead,
    So, stay blessed,
    Congrats on your wedding!
  • The two of you when you will hold the hands,
    It will be so good to stand,
    Beside each other forever in time,
    When you will declare,
    Like the sweet sound of chime,
    Remember the precious moment forever,
    Congrats on your wedding!
  • Oh what a lovely moment this is,
    It is to cherish it with time,
    A new journey is about to start,
    The most important part,
    Of your life,
    So stay in bliss forever,
    Congrats to both of you,
    In this moment so new!
  • A great story of life begins with great characters,
    You and your partner are made for each other,
    So, your life story would be great,
    Stay happy and blessed on this day,
    Wish you a happy wedding day!
  • Purity of love and emotions so strong,
    You are with the true love you belong,
    Say blessed is my only wish for you,
    At the start of this special day so new,
    Congrats on your wedding day!
  • Weddings are special because of love,
    Care and understanding you have with your partner,
    So take that to the next level and stay happy,
    Congrats on your wedding day,
    Stay happy in your beautiful journey to begin!
  • It is an occasion to trust along
    It is an occasion to cheer along
    A bond that is forever to stay
    A bond that is truly strong
    It’s a bond that is special in time
    A bond that is truly prime
    Wishing many congrats
    On your wedding
    This date is truly destined!
  • The love that is the thing to see
    Make many new memories
    Love that is sacred in the heart
    Getting to it in a perfect start
    A beautiful phase is about to begin
    So you should have all the fun
    It’s your wedding day and you should
    Be all prepared for wonderful life to come
    Many congrats on getting married!
  • Blessings to both of you today
    It is indeed a special day
    As it’s a celebration of two hearts
    Celebration of two lives together
    So have the most amazing time
    Have an awesome time
    As your beautiful phase of life is
    About to begin,
    Many good wishes and blessings to you
    Many congrats to you!
  • There is celebration and there is cheer
    It’s a wonderful occasion oh my dear
    The two of you were made for each other
    The two of you were always there
    This love that I can see
    Is truly destined and rear
    May you both stay blessed forever
    Many congrats to both of you
    Have a wonderful wedding life!
  • On this wonderful day I ask God
    To bless both of you with love,
    With lots of respect and trust
    With things that matter the most
    With understanding in life
    Many congrats to a wonderful couple I know
    I wish that you stay blessed forever in life
    Have a blissful life ahead!
  • I have never seen such an awesome couple
    As the both of you,
    You two are wonderful in every way
    And you both complement each other so well
    I wish you lots of good luck for your
    Blissful and happy marriage life ahead
    Stay blessed both of you
    Many congrats to both!
  • On this joyous occasion and day
    I wish and pray that both of you stay
    Blessed and in time and so much in love
    I wish that love and happiness
    Forever stays in your life
    As a new chapter of your life and
    A new phase is waiting for you
    Many congrats to both of you
    On your wedding day!
  • Many congrats on starting your new life
    May Almighty bless the two of you
    With happiness, love and companionship
    This marks the beginning of a wonderful phase
    That will make both of you smile all the way
    Many congrats on your wedding day
    Stay blessed and always in love!
  • With the right ingredients of love, respect,
    Happiness and adjustment marriage is
    The most wonderful thing,
    So stay happy and be blessed as
    It is the start of another chapter for you
    Many congratulations to you
    Celebrate the day with love!

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