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Shopping Quotes in Hindi: Another name for the wife is shopping. I started my words here with my wife because usually, the wife is thirsty for shopping. Nowadays, people are learning about each other and trying to do the same. But we must take our situation and society into consideration. For those who love shopping, here we have written Short Shopping Quotes Hindi, Shopping Whatsapp states that will help show their fillings on social media. Because today’s generation is Social media like WhatsApp, Tweeter, Facebook, Instagram. Where people make many photos of their personal life and share their good movement. So here we are, too, trying to share shipping quotes with you. That’s why you must read it.

Shopping Quotes in Hindi

  • “I have enough clothes and shoes I never need to go shopping again…” – Said by no girl ever.
  • Admit it, we all feel cool when we walk around the mall with tons of shopping bags in our arms.
  • Dear fridge, I’ll be back in half an hour. Please go shopping. Sincerely, hungry.
  • Going shopping with money and nothing to find; Going shopping without money
  • How do homeless people always seem to get the shopping cart that has all four good wheels?
  • I know it’s only September but there are less than 100 shopping days left till Christmas…
  • I love doing last-minute Christmas shopping!
  • I wanna go shopping.
  • I wish I could have unlimited money for shopping.
  • I’ve been shopping for years and I still have nothing to wear.
  • If a girl is shopping she’s trendy, if a boy is shopping he’s wasting money.
  • Life really is all down-hill once you get to big too ride in the shopping cart anymore, isn’t it???
  • Meeting men at bars is like window shopping. You’re looking at fancy clothes on a bunch of dummies.

Short Shopping Quotes Hindi

  • Money doesn’t bring happiness, but shopping does 🙂
  • My motto in life, “Shopping is cheaper than a Psychiatrist!”
  • Online dating is like shopping for a car online… show me the carfax!! I wanna see the history!
  • Shopping at Dollar Tree makes me feel rich and poor at the same time.
  • Shopping improves your self-esteem and opens your mind to other choices and points of view.
  • Shopping is so fun I could do it all year.
  • When women are depressed they either eat or go shopping. Men invade another country.
  • You haven’t felt pain unless you’ve gotten a shopping cart’s wheel hit at the back of your heal.

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