Girlfriend Boyfriend Jokes 2019

Do you find Girlfriend Boyfriend Jokes on the internet? If yes then you are in the right place. Here we are uploading the Brilliant Latest Funny Girlfriend Boyfriend Jocks 2019 For WhatsApp Humor with Images which is our great collection that you should read. GF BF time is very memorable which will be remembered all your life. Everyone who reads here will have a girlfriend/boyfriend that is why they know and find humor jokes for their partner. But our incoming visitors are English and Hindi so here we will try to upload in both languages.

Girlfriend Boyfriend Jokes 2020 English

Girlfriend Boyfriend Jokes in HindiGirlfriend Boyfriend Jokes in Hindi

  • Boy: Marry me..?
    Girl: Do you have a house..?
    Boy: No..
    Girl: Do you have a BMW car.. ?
    Boy: No..
    Girl: How much is your salary..?
    Boy: No salary.. but,…
    Girl: No but. You have nothing… How can I marry you.?? Leave, please.!!
    Boy: (talk to himself) I have one villa, 3 property lands, 3 Ferrari, 2 Porsche… Why I still need to buy BMW.?! How can I get the salary when actually I am the BOSS.. – Girl And Boy Jokes
  • Boy to a girl before the exam: Hey all d best
    Girl: All da best to u too But girl scored 80 marks and boy failed
    Moral: Only boys wish with a true heart… – Girl And Boy Jokes
  • Boy Brought Present 4 His GF
    Girl :(After Opening)What D Hell Wud I Do Wid Dis Diwali Rocket?
    Boy: U Wanted Stars Na? Now Sit On It N Get Lost!! – Girl And Boy Jokes
  • Boy To Girl: Why do you love a rose, which dies in a day. But don’t love me, who dies for you every day?
    Girl Replied: . . . . . . Oye Hoye… Dialogue!! – Girl And Boy Jokes
  • Girl-Nice Mobile. Where Did U Buy?
    Boy-I Won Dis In A Running Race.
    Girl-How Many People Participated?
    Boy- MOBILE OWNER, POLICE And ME. – Girl And Boy Jokes
    Girl Status: I am feeling sad… 952 comments
    Boy Status: I am going to commit suicide… 2 likes. – Girl And Boy Jokes

Latest BF GF Jokes 2020 Download For WhatsApp

  • Innocent girl: Why boys are so careless and irresponsible?
    Clever boy: Coz they know that somewhere a sweet and innocent girl is learning to be responsible for them. – Girl and Boy Jokes
    Boy: Hey girl! Is your name Google.?
    Girl: No-But why..?
    Boy: bcoz you have all the things I’m searching for….! – Girl And Boy Jokes
  • GIRL: I Have A Question For You.
    BOY: Alright, Ask Me.
    GIRL: What Do You See When You Look In My Eyes?
    BOY: You Honestly Wanna Know? G
    IRL: Yeah !!…… BOY: My Future – Girl And Boy Jokes
  • Undefined Things of Boys Tum na bahut wo ho (now what the hell is ‘wo’) Mujhe Tumse ye umeed nahi thi (no one will ever know what was their ‘umeed’) Tum Pehle Jaise nahi rahi (they will themselves change you as time passes and then throw this dialogue ) – Girl And Boy Jokes
  • Boy: Boys are intelligent than girls!
    Girl: Any proof?
    Boy: You always say intelligent but you never say intelliLADIES! “Great people Great thoughts.” – Girl And Boy Jokes
  • Girl: need me ho to Sapne bhejo! jaag rahe ho to yaadein bhejo! ro rahe ho to aansu bhejo! SMS parh rahe ho to reply bhejo!
    Boy: toilet me hun, kya bhejun? – Girl And Boy Jokes
  • BOY: come with me…
    GIRL: where?
    BOY: wherever you like.
    GIRL: OK let’s go to Police Station.
    BOY: Lo batao ab banda apni sister se majak bhi Nahi Kar Sakta! – Girl And Boy Jokes
  • Boy and Girl in Restaurant
    Boy: I love you
    Girl: I don’t love you
    Boy: Think again?
    Girl: No no and no
    Boy: waiter, bring separate bills.
    Girl: ok ok….I love you too – Girl And Boy Jokes
  • Girl: kya kr rhy ho?
    Boy: Makhiyan mar rha hu
    Girl: ktni Mari?
    Boy: 3male or 2female
    Girl: Kse malom?
    Boy: 3 shrab ki bottle se chipki hui thi or 2 fone se. – Girl And Boy Jokes
  • Girl: Hum Kaha Ja Rahe He..?
    Boy: Long Drive Par..!!
    Girl: Pahle Kyun Nhi Bataya..?
    Boy: Mujhe B Abhi Pata Chala Jub Break Nai Lag rahe. – Girl And Boy Jokes

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