Exam SMS, Messages, Quotes in English

Exam SMS, Messages, Quotes in English

  • Here’s Wishing You
    All The Best For Your Exams.
    May You Succeed
    In Everything You Do!
  • Study While Others Are Sleeping,
    Work While Others Are Lazing,
    Prepare While Others Are Playin
    And Dream While Others Are Sleeping.
    This Is A Surest Way To Success.
  • You May Never Know
    What Would Be The Result Of The Exam
    To Will Appear In,
    But Also Think That
    If You Don’t Appear
    There Would Not Be Any Result.
  • May Be It Will Not Be Easy.
    But It Will Surely Be Worth It.
    Strive Hard And You Shall Succeed.
    Good Luck For Your Exam!
  • Trusting Yourself Will Not Make
    The Mountain Smaller
    But It Will Make The Climbing Easier
    Go Ahead And Climb Your Mountains
    And Emerge As A Winner.Good Luck for Exams
  • Every Exam In Our Life Makes Is Better Or Bitter.
    Every Difficulty Makes Us Or Breaks Us
    The Choice Is Ours Whether We Want
    Come As Victorious Or A Victim.
  • Believe In Yourself,
    Your Hard Work And The Efforts You Have Put-In.
    Success Will Be Yours In The End.
    You Will Pass The Exam With Flying Colors.
  • During An Exam,
    We Look Up For Inspiration,
    Look Down In Desperation
    And We Look Around Here
    And There For Information.
    All The Best For Your Exams.
  • All The Best For Your Exams.
    However, Please Remember That
    Great Grades May Not Necessarily
    Ensure Success In Your Life.
    So Don’t Get Hassled By Your Exams.
    Take Them In Your Stride.
  • It Is Amazing To Know
    That Out Brain Works 24 Hours Of A Day
    From The Time Of Our Birth.
    I Wonder Why It Only Stops
    At The Time Of Writing Exams.

Funny Exam SMS, Best of Luck for Exam SMS in Hindi

  • Exams Just Don’t Start And End
    In The Examination Hall.
    You Entire Life Is An Exam Which,
    If You Put In Efforts,
    You, Will, Come Out Of With Flying Colors.
    Don’t Give Up And Continue
    To Win All The Exams In Your Life.
  • Haqiqat exam ki rusvai hoti h
    Kbhi section A to kbhi B me bewafai hoti h
    5 question ki traf kdam badhakar dekho to
    2 me hi aukat dikhai deti he
  • What’s d difference between people who pray in Temples and people who pray in d Exam Centres? Those in d exam centers are damn serious.
  • baba ranchoddas says; exam mein apne paper se zyada apne partner ke paper me concentrate karo apna paper apne aap solve ho jayega………….all d best guys..:

    3 Reasons 2 Give Exam

    1. U Can Spend 3 Hours In Self Meditation.

    …2. U Can Complete Ur Sleep.

    3. U Can See Ur Teachers Being Bored Who Usually Bore U

    attitude towards exam = tomorrow is my exam but I don’t care bcoz a single sheet of paper can’t decide my future

  • WHY V Dnt study da whole year and spend sleepless nyts durng EXAMS?
  • Sahil k sukon se hame inkar nhi
    TUFANO se kashti nikalne ka maza he or hai.
  • IIT Mumbai Exam best question:
    Spell the word ’COW’ in 13 letters.
  • Toppers could not answer,
    but last bench boys wrote…
  • Think different…
  • Students policy:
    1 week before the exam v refer-
    Foreign author
  • 1 day before exam v refer
    Local author
    on the day of the exam
    We r the authors…!
  • Kal raat bahut dino ke baad kitaab kholi to ehsaas hua Ki kitaab kholne ke baad jo need aati hai wo neend ki Golo khane ke baad bhi nahi aati
  • Kitab khulte hi exam ka sama chaa jaata Aise mausam main hi to dimag ka dahi hota Dimag ki baat paper par nahi a pati Yeh afsna to result mei hi bayaan hota
  • the examination is a garden success is flower god bless you with power to pluck this flower
  • Ye par le, imp hai exam mein pakka aaega..
    2.roll no
    ab thanks bol kr rulaaegi kya?
    anything 4 u

Best of Luck Exam SMS in English, Exam Wishes for Girlfriend

  • Jo ankhon se hamesha rahte hen Dor..
    Wah Wah,
    Jo ankhon se hamesha rahte hen dor..
    Wo Question Exam me ate hen Zaror
  • The real value of infinity will be known to us when we open the 1st page of our text book on the night before our exam & see the no. of pages to be read..
  • Sometimes I feel like writing the word ’LOL’ at the end of every answer in exams.
  • Engr’s k dilo ki awaz…
    Zndgi ka rukh mod denge,
    Sari bndishen tod denge…
    Ye sem jaise-taise pass ho jaye yar….
    Nxt sem mein pakka fodd denge…
  • Wat is d most proudest moment in a students life and specially at time of exam..????
    Standin in middle of d exam nd asking
    “Whoever has my answersheet plz return”…
  • PHILOSPHY of Student: Kbi sochte
    h aaj pdenge Kbi sochte h kal
    pdnge Fir sochte h jb exms ayege
    tb pdenge Or jb Exam aate hai to
    khte hai “Ab kya ghanta pdenge”
  • Aaj Hum DIYE Pe Hath Rakh Ke
    Kasam Khate H, Roz Padhenge.
    Class Attend Krenge, Teachers Ko
    Gali Nhin Denge, . . . Abe Saalo . . .
    DIYE Me Phoonk Kisne Mari ?
  • Exam ANTHEM:-
    Hum sub honge pass
    Hum sub honge pass Ek din
    Ho ho
    Likhte hai bakwaas
    Fir bhi hai viswaas
    paper hoga Jakkhas Ek din…
  • Exam is like a war! questions are like bullets! a single pen
    can’t attack all enemies! don’t
    worry! lets keep bullet proof
    material called ’BITS’. OK?
  • exams are here
    shivering in fear
    still books are no where near
  • Every student is confident in exam hall to try their luck in multiple choice.
    They teach us to make “PLAIN RICE” in class
    expect from us to cook “BIRYANI” in exams…!!
  • Newton’s 5th Law
    (Exam Law):
    “Performance Of Boys In The Exam Decreases
    When The Number Of Girls
    In The Exam Hall Increases.
  • 3 ways to write exam:
    Looking up for
    Looking down for
    Looking around for ’INFORMATION’
  • Whch is d most beautiful feeling in the world?
    whn u try 2 look at ur frnd n u find dat ur frnd is already looking at u.
    exam hall;-)
  • Wat’s the most painful sentence other than ’I hate u’?
    “Wat’s your exam result”??
    Plz don’t hurt me with tis

Exam Wishes Quotes in English, Wish Exam Hindi

  • Guzri hui exam ko yad na karna,
    Answr sheet me kya likha uski fariyad na karna,
    jo hoga vo hokar rahega
    us tension me apna vacation barbad na
  • exam ka sabse hansi wala samay kaun sa hai
    jab ham paper mai kuch nahi likhe ho aur teacher kahe apni copy chupao bagal wala dekh raha hai
    11am-thnkng 2 score 80%
    1pm-lunch den sleep
    6pm-thnkng 2 score 60%
  • exam special shayri….
    kooch importamt bata de mere yaar mene abhi shuru bhi nahi kiya…..
  • It takes
    3 months for a Writer
    2 months for a Doctor
    1 month for a Lawyer and
    Only 1 night before exam for a Student
    To read a 1000 pages book
    All the best
  • Exams ka saya hai,
    Exam ke dino mein sukh kisne paya hai
    Duniya wale kehte hain ache number lao,
    Par inhe kaun samjhaye yeh to moh maya hai.
    Still, all the best!
  • Anatomy of Exams
    Question Papr-Paheli
    Ans Paper-Kora Kagaz
    All the best!
  • Lamha Lamha waqt guzar jayega…
    Chund lamhon mein exam aa jayega…
    Abhi bhi waqt hai, do line parh lo…
    Warna pass kya Munna Bhai karvaye ga?
    All the best!
  • To be a good professional,
    Always start to study late for Exams.
    Because it teaches how to manage Time
    And tackle Emergencies!
    Best of luck!
  • Exams r near
    At d paper u stare
    The answer is nowhere
    It makes u pull ur hair
    Grades r not fair
    But just like d past 15 yrs
    We don’t care!
    Best of luck!

Hindi Exam Quotes for WhatsApp, Best of Luck Examination Quotes

  • Rain of summer, snow of winter,
    the grace of autumn, the glory of spring,
    May beauty of every season
    give ur heart a beautiful reason 2 smile.
    May God suceed u in every exams of ur life.
  • Ocean level syllabus.
    Mountain level teaching.
    Bucket level we study.
    Mug level we answer.
    Marks comes in drops.
  • A last ball six
    A last ball wkt
    A last min goal
    A last min move often wins d game.
    thats why
    r stil confident that
    A Last night study can win an exam:
  • May ur exams be like the pieces of chocolate cake,
    Very easy and satisfying and tasting morvelous.
    Alot of love for a nice person and wish u good luck.
  • Latest Exam time song – “subah hone na de,
    saath khone na de,
    ek dusre ko hum sone na de” Warna
    . Milega zero… o O o o
    Milega zero… o O o O 😮
  • Exam is a way by crossing which,
    A student enters into
    New world of studies,
    Experience and also
    New world of friends.
  • Humne iss liye mehfilon me jana chorr diya
    Ki koi pooch na le.
    ‘beta “paper” ki tiyari kesi hy.
    HapPy ExAm seaS0N;
  • Exam k liye har book parh li maine
    Dua hai FACEBOOK se bhi koi sawal aa Jaye…
    Take a SLIP to the EXAM HALL & show it to ur nearest TEACHER & WIN a FREE TRIP 2 PRINCIPAL’s room & Enjoy unlimited HOLIDAYS!!!!

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